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Pitch Niche Performing Arts Center at RDF 2023

Performing Arts Centre Iceland requests applications for participation in the promotion of performing arts groups and projects at Reykjavík Dance Festival (pitch session).

The presentation will be held Friday 17 November at 13:00 in Tjarnarbíó in conjunction with Reykjavík Dance Festival.  It gives performing artists the opportunity to introduce themselves and their work to foreign directors of venues and festivals.  The aim is to give these foreign guests an overview of the performing artists working in Iceland and to generate interest in their work.

The directors of Reykjavík Dance Festival and Performing Arts Centres will review all applications and select groups or artists to participate.

Proposals are called for from all categories of the performing arts.

Applicants are given 7 minutes to present themselves and their work.

Deadline for applications is 16:00, 27 October.  

Send an email to for more information


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