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Travel grants from Performing Arts Centre Iceland

Closed for applications

Applications for travel allowances are closed. The next round of applications will begin in January 2024.
The notification of the last allocation can be found HERE

Who can apply?

Applicants must have Icelandic social security number and work as professionals in the performing arts. If only a part of the participants in a project meets this requirement and a significant part does not, it must be emphasized how the project contributes to the promotion of Icelandic performing arts life.

Travel grants are intended for self-employed performing artists and do not support projects produced by public institutions or private pension institutions run through public donations.

What is the goal of travel grants and what is supported?

Grants are awarded to performing artists on exhibition tours abroad or participation in events abroad aimed at generating interest, increasing visibility and demand for performing arts works outside Iceland.

Performing Arts Centre Iceland travel grants are awarded three times a year and applications are open in January, May and September. The grant amount is ISK 75,000 for trips within Europe and ISK 100,000 for trips outside Europe.

A maximum of ISK 600,000 is awarded for each project.

What is not sponsored:
- Workshop participation (residency)
- Participation in courses or study trips
- Participation in foreign projects that are entirely produced and funded by foreign entities.

How and who evaluates the application?

The Performing Arts Centre College is composed of representatives from SAFAS - the Forum for Performing Arts Professional Associations. Applications are evaluated according to how they fit with the objectives of travel grants to generate interest, increase visibility and demand for performing arts works outside Iceland.

Principal representatives:
Rebekka A. Ingimundardóttir
Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir
Ólafur Kjartan Sigurðarson

Friðþjófur Þorsteinsson
Aðalbjörg Árnadóttir
Thora Einarsdottir

What to include in the application?

Apply for an online application.

The application shall specify details of the applicant, tasks, family members, purpose and arrangements for the trip.

An invitation letter from the venue or festival must be accompanied by an application or other documentation confirming the participation of a performing arts group in a festival or other events with the aim of increasing opportunities and increasing the visibility of the performing arts group in question.

The budget for the proposed trip must accompany the application, otherwise it will not be considered. Please note that a budget is not requested for the production of a show, but only revenue and expenses related to travel.  Please fill out a budget which can be downloaded HERE and attached to the application.

Application button is at the top of the page

When do I get an answer and how will I be granted funding?

Responses to travel grant applications will be received by e-mail at the latest 4 weeks after the deadline for applications.

The travel allowance is paid at the time of allocation. An application must be submitted prior to the event.Performing Arts Centre undertakes to treat all documents relating to applications as strictly confidential.

If a tour is cancelled, it shall be notified to the Performing Arts Centre and the grant will be cancelled.

Final report

The final report must be submitted within 2 months of the end of the journey.

The report is completed online on Google Forms and can be found below.

The final report must provide a brief summary of the tour and how it achieved the objectives of travel grants, information on the number of exhibitions and the number of spectators and picture(s) from the exhibition tour for public display.

We note that you cannot submit new applications if the final report has not been submitted before the deadline.

Final report to complete